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National Parks of Boston-Climate Conservation Corps-Natural Resource Management Assistant


AmeriCorps Crew

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Boston, Massachusetts

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National Parks of Boston-Climate Conservation Corps-Natural Resource Management Assistant


Term of positions is 52 weeks; full-time 40 hrs/wk,


Boston, Massachusetts

Living Allowance:

$665 /week

AmeriCorps Award:

Position is eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program. Value of education award is $6,895.00 (pre-tax).

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Title of Position

National Parks of Boston-Climate Conservation Corps-Natural Resource Management Assistant

Position Details:

Stewards Individual Placements provides individuals with service and career opportunities to strengthen communities and preserve our natural resources. Participants work with federal agencies, tribal governments, and nonprofits building institutional capacity, developing community relationships, and supporting ecosystem health.

One (1) year-long intern will join a three (3) person cohort of the National Parks of Boston’s Climate Conservation Corps (NPB-CCC), The goals of the NPB-CCC are to (1) provide real-time climate response outcomes for the parks and (2) provide experiences for early-career young adults in climate response – related work. The NPB-CCC is a unique opportunity within the National Park Service (NPS), demonstrating the promise of the American Climate Corps vision, and serving as inspiration to other parks and climate corps throughout the NPS.

The structure of the NPB-CCC provides both group and individual impacts – the first half of the program year is spent mostly in a team setting for training, orientation, and project work. During the second half, each member focuses on independent projects that match their skills, experiences, and career goals with park climate-focused priorities.

The intern will work within the three (3) person cohort alongside an NPB-CCC Program Coordinator and a Strategic Planning Coordinator, to implement climate response projects. The work will be integrated into an NPB climate response strategic plan, led by the incoming Climate Change Response Program Manager, and align with the NPS Green Parks Plan and the NPS Climate Change Response Program.

Initial primary project areas are:

(1) Salt Marsh Climate Adaptation Planning and Science

(2) Climate Change Education and Interpretation for Public and Student Audiences

(3) Climate-Smart Planning for the Future Charlestown Navy Yard Landscape

(4) Energy and Water Conservation Measures in Historic Federal Buildings


Position Responsibilities will include: 

·       Digitally map and monitor changing low-lying coastal areas that are existing or potential future salt marsh habitats, incorporating natural and built features (e.g. trails).

·       Merging cultural/historic preservation needs and climate-smart planning for future landscape designs.

·       Identifying plant palettes compatible with predicted future conditions.

·       Identify and implement sustainable treatments for historic structures while meeting NPS preservation standards.

·       Develop and deliver climate science and climate adaptation public outreach throughout the year.


Desired Intern Qualifications:

·       Education and interest related to climate change impacts and response; options include environmental engineering, environmental science, landscape architecture and design, horticulture, ecology, geology, oceanography, GIS, environmental planning, sustainability, facilities management, science education, or other relevant field experience.

·       Knowledge and/or interest in communicating with others about climate change and its effects on ecosystems, humanity, and the environment.

·       Experience with ecosystem or landscape stewardship field work, and/or planning or conducting historic preservation, and/or buildings or grounds management, both in office and field settings.

·       Experience organizing data in tables and spreadsheets.

·       Experience collecting geographic information.

·       Enjoyment of the outdoors and interest in field work on islands and urban settings.

·       Ability to lift 30+ pounds.

·       Enthusiasm to work on a collaborative team.

·       Demonstrated interest in teaching and learning.

·       Interest in representing the NPB Climate Conservation Corps to park staff and external stakeholders.

·       Ability to communicate fluently in English orally and in writing for both technical and general public audiences (a second language is preferred but not required).

·       Willingness to complete office-based tasks including project reports, data summaries, inventories, planning documents, and/or presentations.

·       Intercultural competence, including the ability to communicate effectively with people who have different world views, experiences, perspectives, and ways of communicating.

·       Time management skills; capacity to work on multiple projects concurrently.

·       Certificate/degree in GIS or significant GIS data management and cartography experience is ideal.

·       The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. legal permanent resident (“Green Card holder”). Prior to starting this position, a government security background clearance will be required.

·       The applicant must be available to participate for 52 Weeks in order to be considered and participate.



·       Position is eligible for an AmeriCorps education award upon successful completion of the program. Value of education award is $6,895.00 (pre-tax).

·       Living Allowance: $665 /week (pre-tax)

·       Relocation Allowance: $400


How to Apply
Apply on-line at:  In addition to your resume, please submit a one page cover letter highlighting why you are interested in this position and how your background and experience will help you succeed in this position.

Stewards Individual Placements Program does not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.


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