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Conservation Legacy


Field and Logistics Coordinator
Durango, CO
Natural Resources and Science Conservation Fellow
Seattle, WA or San Francisco, CA
Conservation Corps New Mexico Hispanic/Latinx Crew Leader Development Program
Las Cruces, NM
Technical Mountain Bike Trail Crew - Spring 2022
Harrisonburg, VA
Leadership Development Crew Member - Spring 2022
Harrisonburg, VA
Business & Technology Systems Manager
Flexible-Any Remote Location
SECC Crew Leader Boundary Marking Spring 2022
Chattanooga, TN
Veteran's Fire AmeriCorps Crew Leader - January 2022
Logistics Coordinator
Flagstaff, AZ
CCNC South Carolina Forest Management Assistant Crew Leader
Society Hill, SC
Community Volunteer Ambassador
Durango, CO
CCNC- South Carolina Forest Management Crew Member
Batesburg, SC
ABQ Crew Leader
Interpretation and Visitor Engagement Intern
Manteo, NC
Cultural Interpretation Internship - NPS Southeast Arizona Group
Willcox, AZ
Interdisciplinary GIS Specialist/Cartographer
San Francisco, CA or Seattle, WA
Communications Assistant
San Francisco, CA or Seattle, WA
Museum Intern
Washington, DC
SECC Crew Leader- Camping Crew
Chattanooga, TN
SECC Crew Leader- Strike Team 2022
Chattanooga, TN
SECC Assistant Crew Leader- Camping Crew
Chattanooga, TN
Visual Information and Museum Technician Intern
Veterans' Fire Crew Leader - January 2022
Beckley, WV
IT Support Coordinator
Land Steward Individual Placement
Mount Pleasant, SC
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