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ALCC Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Individual Placement


Individual Placement/Internships

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16062 State Route 104, Chillicothe, Ohio

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Title: ALCC Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Individual Placement
Stipend: $500/week living stipend and $200/ Housing Stipend 
Dates:   07/10/2023 - 10/13/2023
Term:  26 weeks, full time, partially remote
Reports To:  National Park Service, Hopewell Culture National Historic Park 
Location: 16062 State Route 104, Chillicothe, OH 45601
Status:  900-hour AmeriCorps Service Term 
Benefits:  AmeriCorps Education Award $3,097.50 after successful completion of term, Public Land Corps Hiring Authority,


Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps’ (ALCC) Mission

It is the mission of the Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps to lead our nations back to cultural and ecological well-being.  The Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps is specifically designed to engage Native American youth and young adults.  Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps serves local tribal communities in the regions we operate. Native American applicants are preferred.


National Park Service Mission:

Our Mission the National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.


Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Overview:

The present Hopewell Culture National Historical Park evolved in part from the former Mound City Group National Monument. The national monument was established by a proclamation signed by President Warren G. Harding in 1923 to preserve prehistoric mounds of "great historic and scientific interest." In 1980 Congress expanded the monument by adding a portion of the nearby Hopeton Earthworks and authorized the investigation of other regional archeological sites to determine their suitability for preservation. The National Park Service recommended four additional sites. Hopewell Culture National Historical Park was thus established in 1992 by a law that renamed Mound City Group National Monument.

The park protects the prehistoric remains of a dynamic social and ceremonial phenomenon that flourished in the woodlands of eastern North America between 200 B.C. and A.D. 500. The term Hopewell describes a broad network of economic, political, and spiritual beliefs and practices among


different Native American groups. The culture is characterized by the construction of enclosures made of earthen walls, often built-in geometric patterns and mounds of various shapes. The culture is known for a network of contacts with other groups, which stretched from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains.

ALCC Hopewell Culture National Historic Park Individual Placements (IP) Overview:

ALCC and NPS are seeking two Individual Placement interns who are members of tribal groups that have Ancestral ties to the lands in and around Hopewell Culture National Historic Park, including other Federal sites, state sites, and World Heritage nomination sites.  The two (2) Individual Placement interns will learn about park operations, natural resources, cultural resources, work with the park’s Education Technician and Chief of Interpretation to develop a tribal youth outreach program vision to take back to their tribe(s).

Essential functions and responsibilities:

This ALCC Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Individual Placement will work to complete tasks and projects outlined below.

1) Become familiar with everyday functions of the visitor center:

  • Greet visitors and assist them as needed.
  • Become knowledgeable about questions commonly asked.
  • Learn the layout of the visitor center, grounds, and other park units.

2) Assist with Interpretation and Education projects:

  • Develop interpretive writing products for park’s social media and website platforms.
  • Review current education resources at park and provide critique and collaboration.
  • Collaborate with Interpretation and Education staff to outline Centennial and World Heritage events for FY23 and beyond.

3) Program development for future ALCC Hopewell Culture NHP youth:

  • Develop relationships with education staff of Tribal Partners.
  • Draft recommendations and plans for FY24 program, including recruitment, housing, transportation, budget, work plans, learning goals, training, and team building.
  • Advise Park managers on culturally relevant structure and programming for ALCC Hopewell Culture NHP youth.


Required Skills

Project management, public planning, facilitation, use and managing social media, education techniques, service learning, interpretation, cultural RM, natural RM. Facility RM, Tribal to Federal diplomacy.

Required Experience

  • A combination of work (lived experience) and education (equivalent of bachelor's degree) with a strong background in community engagement, partnership development, written communication, team building, and problem-solving skills will be used to evaluate qualified applicants.


    • Excellent writing, research, organizational, and public speaking skills.
    • a bachelor's degree or pursuing a degree or certificate in subject areas such as interpretation, education, anthropology, history, or a related discipline.
    • deep interest in the fields of natural or cultural resources.
    • interest in videography, photography, or other digital technology for creative projects

    It is not expected that prospective candidates have experience in all these areas. An interest in developing these skills and some experience through work and/or education in at least one of these areas is required.


    • Comfort in working with diverse audiences and groups.
    • Confidence in meeting and interviewing people
    • Skills in interviewing and collecting qualitative data.
    • Excellent customer service and communication skills
    • Ability and interest in research and documenting findings
    • Ability to work independently and with teams: responsible, resourceful, detail-oriented, motivated, good communication and writing skills, proactive, insightful, collaborative, great at time management and project management.
    • Enjoys working as part of a team and engaging people.


    Other Preferred Qualifications:


    • Knowledge of Indigenous communities and tribes in Oklahoma
    • Knowledge of underrepresented communities in Oklahoma
    • Experience working with underrepresented communities.


    • Experience working with Indigenous or Tribal communities.
    • Willingness to identify and reach out to community members, champions, and other leaders.
    • Traditional indigenous knowledge or affiliation with Indigenous nation/tribe/group

    **Applicants must be within the ages of 18-30 due to AmeriCorps age restrictions.  Indigenous candidates are preferred. **

    This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital or parental status, genetic information, and military service. Where a significant portion of the population eligible to be served needs services or information in a language other than English, the recipient shall take reasonable steps to provide written material of the type ordinarily available to the public in appropriate languages.

    Apply Now! 

    To apply, please submit an updated resume and letter of interest along with the online application. 

     Contact Shonto Greyeyes at with any questions.

This position is located at 16062 State Route 104, Chillicothe, OH. View the Google Map in full screen.