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NPS Resource Stewardship Historic Weapons Crew Member


Individual Placement/Internships

Job Location

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Tracking Code


Position Type


Housing Provided at $290/for the term

Transportation required (housing is 15 miles from the nearest public transportation stop, vehicle is needed for this position, or transportation plans need be made with fellow interns)

The interns will serve as members of the Resource Stewardship Historic Weapons Crew at Fort Pickens, located on Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Beach, Florida. 
The selected candidates will present historic weapons demonstrations using 19th century muskets and a 10 pounder Parrot Rifle cannon. They will also present interpretive programing that emphasizes the ways that geomorphology, coastal defense, climate and recreation all impact cultural resources at Gulf Islands National Seashore

The Resource Stewards Crew will present educational and interpretive programs that engage the public in stewardship of the natural and cultural resources of the national seashore. The crew will present black powder demonstrations eight times a week throughout their internship. These demonstrations provide parkgoers with a more in depth understanding of the life and experiences of the people who lived and served at Fort Pickens. 

The Resource Stewardship Crew will, under the directions of the supervisory park ranger and Lead Historic Weapons Intern, research, study and interpret the geomorphology of Santa Rosa Island and Perdido Key and the role that these natural geological processes have played in local and national history through the Network to Freedom program. They will incorporate this knowledge into their public programing.

Member Duties:
- Present historic weapons demonstrations using reproduction muskets and cannon.

 - Clean and maintain historic weapons.

 - Research and present interpretive programing.

 - Instill stewardship of the cultural and natural resources at Gulf Islands National Seashore, other public lands, and local communities.


Required Skills

*Job is extremely phyiscal*

Required Experience

Minimum of 3 years study, leading to a bachelor's degree in history, public history, education, anthropology and/or archaeology.

Must be at least 18 years of age at onboarding.

Must be comfortable handling, firing and being around historic weapons and pass a Historic Weapons Safety course offered by Gulf Islands National Seashore's Historic Weapons Safety Officers.

Must be physically fit to preform drills and demonstrations in extremely hot and excessively humid conditions.

Must be able to hold a musket weighing ~10lbs and push/pull a cannon and limber weighing over 1500lbs.

This position is located in Gulf Breeze, FL. View the Google Map in full screen.