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Historic Stewards- Carpentry


Individual Placement/Internships

Job Location

Fredrick, Maryland

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Position Type


National Park Service – Historic Preservation Training Center


Term of positions is 12-26 weeks; full-time 40 hrs/wk


This position is specifically located at the Historic Preservation Training Center in Frederick, MD.

Living Allowance:

$18/hour, direct deposit every 2-weeks



Start Date:

Accepting Applications on a Rolling Basis

Application Due Date:

Please apply at will, actively looking to fill position.

Title of Position

Historic Stewards- Carpentry



Position Details

Stewards Individual Placements (SIP) provides individuals with service and career opportunities to strengthen communities and preserve our natural resources. Participants work with federal agencies, tribal governments, and nonprofits building institutional capacity, developing community relationships, and supporting ecosystem health.


Historic structures and features in our national parks are constantly in need of thoughtful and careful preservation, repair, and maintenance.  By assisting and working alongside HPTC on these preservation projects the Intern will directly improve the physical conditions of a nationally significant park space that is accessed and enjoyed by thousands of visitors a year.


The participant will benefit by gaining training in preservation craft skills, learning basic safety standards in a variety of work environments, and being introduced to general preservation principals and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards.  The outcome of each AmeriCorps Member’s efforts will be the improvement of a variety of historic structures and making them more enjoyable and accessible to the public.


Each project undertaking by HPTC directly benefits the Historic Built Environment of Cultural Sites of which many are on listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Each project will provide an opportunity to directly impact the availability of these resources for future generations and directly fulfills the mission of the National Park Service. 


Minimum Requirements:

  • Moderate to heavy physical effort is required for this position, including occasional lifting or handling of objects over 75lbs using proper techniques.
  • Standing or kneeling for long periods and will be required to climb ladders, work from scaffolding or platforms, work on uneven or angled surfaces such as a roof, and/or be able to work in confined spaces.
  • Ability to stoop, bend, kneel, climb and walk in all manners of environmental conditions such as rain, mud, and extreme heat or cold.
  • Personal transportation will be required to report to job site
  • United States citizen or legal resident


 Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior experience in carpentry or construction is preferred, but not required. 
  • Open to current students and recent grads of historic preservation programs, previous TTAP members, and other applicants with background education or experience in historic trades
  • Ability to commit to a 12-week experience of combined training and hands-on work
  • Flexibility to work outside of traditional hours may be required



  • Living Allowance: $18/hr (pre-tax)
  • Public Land Corps Hiring Authority Eligibility - must meet 640 hours of service. (only available for those 18-30 years of age, maximum 35 years old for Veterans with valid DD-214)
  • Opportunity to travel to different National Park Service sites.
  • Opportunity to learn trade secrets from master craftsmen


Please be prepared to upload a resume as part of this application. 


For More Information 

Gwennan Richmond

Stewards Program Coordinator



This position is located in Fredrick, MD. View the Google Map in full screen.