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Conservation Legacy


Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Archeology Technician

Individual Placement/Internships

Page, AZ
ID: 2859-984

Title: ALCC Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Archeology Technician

Stipend: $575.00 Weekly Living Stipend (+ Education award)

Dates:  12/06/2021 - flexible

Term: 20 weeks, Full time

Reports To:  National Park Service 

Location: 691 Scenic View Dr, Page, AZ 86040

Status:  675 hour AmeriCorps Service Term 

Benefits:  AmeriCorps  Education Award  $2,360.00 after each successful completion of term.



Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps’ Mission 

It is the mission of the Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps to lead our Nations back to cultural and ecological well being. The Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps is specifically designed to engage Native American youth and young adults with offices in Acoma Pueblo, Albuquerque (Tiwa Territory), Gallup (Navajo Nation), Zuni Pueblo, and Hopi Nation.  *Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps also serves local tribal communities in the regions we operate outside of our 5 offices.  Native American applicants are preferred .



National Park Service Mission:

The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. The Park Service cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world.



ALCC Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Archeology Technician Overview:


This position is located within the Cultural Resource branch of the Division of Science and Resource Management, within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. As a unit of the National Park Service, Glen Canyon works to provide visitor access and enjoyment of the recreation area, while also managing and protecting natural and cultural resources. The Cultural Resources Branch specifically works to document, protect, and manage cultural resources, including archeological sites and historic buildings and properties throughout the park. Glen Canyon protects thousands of archeological sites representing a diverse human history. In addition, we manage Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a natural arch, and an important cultural site to many Native American groups. The Cultural Resource branch completes archeological surveys, site assessments, and protection efforts to continue to learn about the human history of the park, to promote education about the cultural resources, and to better protect cultural resources. The Cultural Resources branch also completes the cultural side of the compliance process for all park projects, to maintain compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.


The Individual Placement will have many opportunities to learn about cultural resources and regional cultural history on the Southern Colorado Plateau, and the NPS management policies. The intern will work on various aspects of cultural resource management work, including field surveys, site recording and assessment, GIS database management, NPS-specific cultural resource databases. This internship will provide opportunities to work with NPS archeologists and research partners, and to learn many different aspects of archeological work. In addition, the intern will have opportunities to assist with work with natural resource specialists, GIS specialists, and park Interpretation and Education specialists to get a better understanding of the entire park service system


Essential functions and responsibilities:


The intern will assist with cultural resource inventories, park compliance projects, archeological site monitoring, and cultural resource database management. The intern will produce finished site recording forms, finished site condition assessment forms, and will complete database entry and updates. Work will include assisting with maintaining cultural resources databases and GIS data, such as inputting data into the NPS databases, updating GIS attribute data, and maintaining site and project files. In addition, the intern will complete archeological survey reports for compliance for proposed graffiti-removal activities.



Required Skills

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Archeology, Anthropology, or related field with documented coursework in archeological field methods, research methods, and lab methods.
  • Completion of an archeological field school or similar level of volunteer/intern/work experience. (A field school is equivalent to a 4-6 week intense training period to learn basic excavation, survey, and recording skills.)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Familiarity with archeological field tasks and databases
  • Interest in cultural resource management and historic preservation
  • Ability to perform fieldwork in an outdoor setting, including in inclement weather conditions, and in backcountry settings
  • Ability to work in an office setting, which requires sitting for long periods of time
  • A DOI background clearance will be required for this position. Failure to pass the background check may result in a change of duties, or may result in early termination .


Preferred Qualifications 

  • Understanding of GIS and database functions, including using GIS to edit attribute data, edit meta data, and use of the geodatabase format. 
  • Experience working with archeological sites and artifacts from the Southwest US. 
  • Some graduate level experience or working towards a Master's degree.


Required Experience

● Ages 18-28

● U.S. Citizenship
o Permanent Resident Card, INS form I-551
o Alien Registration Card, INS form I-551
o A passport indicating that the INS has been approved it as temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence
o A departure record (INS 194) indication that the INS has approved it as temporary evidence of lawful admission for permanent residence
● Valid driver’s license
● Periodic overnight work and non-traditional work hours, inclusive of weekends and evenings, 6pm-6am.  Work may require backcountry camping
● Participate in occasional offsite in person/virtual meetings, trainings, and presentations





Apply Now!

To apply, please submit an updated resume and letter of interest along with the online application.  Contact ALCC IP Coordinators: Ryan Aguilar at or Red Thunder at with any questions.


This position is located at 691 Scenic View Drive, Page, AZ. View the Google Map in full screen.