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Viejas Casino & Resort


Cook III

Food and Beverage

ID: 8479-954


The Cook III is responsible for preparing and cooking advanced food orders including meat, fish, poultry and related items according to prescribed menus or recipes. Cook III will ensure that the food is presented in an appealing and appetizing manner; train and ensure compliance of the Cook I and Cook II positions in regards to food preparation guidelines, sanitation procedures, quality of product with minimal waste and other food related policies and practices.



* Understands and articulates advanced food knowledge to include explanation of ingredients, preparation and cooking methods.

* As an expert, makes recipe conversions and makes complex adjustments to increase/decrease output of recipe to fit need. May change the recipes as needed.

* Works productively within stated timeframes with little or no direction; makes needed changes to accommodate fluxing business levels or to resolve problems.

* Regularly tastes food and identifies issues before food is served; makes seasoning adjustments as needed to maintain top quality and avoid waste.

* Understands and follows the HAACCP procedures. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I and Cook II positions.

* Adheres to all hygiene and safety standards for culinary operations by washing hands after using the restroom and after each culinary function is performed and before beginning a new task. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Follows guidelines for glove use and changes gloves as required between tasks. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Addresses any sanitation or food safety concerns.

* Understands and takes steps to avoid cross contamination for entire venue.

* Performs temperature checks per policy and understands the danger zones related to FAT TOM - food, acidity, time temperature, oxidation and moisture; addresses issues effectively to include contacting of appropriate internal or external support to correct problem, as needed.

* Works and takes action to minimize waste. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Exhibits advanced working knowledge and culinary skills.

* Selects appropriate equipment for task being performed. Trains Cook I & Cook II positions on what equipment is to be used when and for what purpose.

* Provides training to Cook I & Cook II positions on all areas of their responsibility.

* Creates prep lists and delegates tasks to Cook I & Cook II positions. Oversees the production and quality of items prepared daily and provides the team with direction as required to complete preparation.

* Assumes a leadership role in the absence of a chef and addresses issues that arise needing an immediate decision or direction.

* Uses measuring cups and spoons to accurately measure ingredients per the recipe; understands and uses both wet and dry units of measurements appropriately.

* Practices "clean as you go" techniques that ensure the kitchen and areas remain neat and clean; provides direction to other team members as needed to ensure entire venue is properly maintained.

* Checks and changes sanitation buckets every two hours, or more often if needed. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Properly covers, labels, dates and stores all food and beverage items. Rotates product using FIFO - first in, first out. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Ensures that par levels are correct and that stock is maintained at appropriate levels.

* Completes all duties in an accurate, efficient and timely manner; identifies and proactively performs and/or delegates additional tasks needing completion.

* Works most stations and equipment with a good degree of confidence to include the grill, broiler, sauté, smoker, rotisserie, oven, fryer, flat top, panini press, and hot box. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Safely operates equipment in compliance with the manufacture's requirements and properly maintain preparation equipment to include slicer, dicer, mandolin, mixer, juicer, Burre mixer and chopper. Trains and ensures compliance of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Exhibits advanced knife handling skills and proper techniques with accurate consistent cuts with increased speed.

* Regularly provides suggestions for improvements and/or changes to enhance the items offered.

* Follows complex recipes quickly and accurately with no direction. Trains and ensure the quality of the recipes of the Cook I & Cook II positions.

* Works together with other F&B staff to ensure a good experience for our guests; creates an environment where team members seek this level out for advice and assistance.

* Communicates in a courteous and professional manner with guests and co-workers; proactively draws out and solicits feedback when needed from other team members.

* Performs all related and compatible duties as assigned.



* Interacts with peer groups.



* Does not provide supervision to other people.

Required Skills


    * Demonstrate advanced knife skills and culinary knowledge.

    * Demonstrate understanding of fryers and oven use.

    * Knowledge of salad and cold food preparation.

    * Previous working knowledge of Point of Sales (POS) system preferred.

    * Good verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.

    * Ability to work in a fast paced, high stress environment.

    * Ability to adjust to and manage change effectively.

    * Must be dependable, timely and have high attention to detail.

    * Must be flexible to work different shifts.

Required Experience


* High school diploma or general education degree (GED).

* Class work in cooking school and/or Culinary Arts degree preferred.

* Food Handler’s Card must be obtained before commencing duties.



* 4 to 5 years of restaurant production/cooking experience required.

* Leadership experience preferred.

This position is located in Alpine. View the Google Map in full screen.