GEMS - New Graduate RN Residency Program - March 2022



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Stamford Hospital Main Campus, Stamford, CT

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GEMS (Graduate: Engaged, Mastering, Succeeding)

GEMS is innovative and unlike any other nursing graduate training program in the area! The goal of the GEMS program is to ease new graduate nurses into the patient care environment while providing them with the support they need to succeed in their hired nursing unit.

Stamford Health's GEMS program is a unique 12-month program for new graduate nurses. The program is specifically designed to provide the extra support and education needed for new nursing graduates. It consists of 14 weeks of orientation. The first 2 weeks are in the classroom followed by 12 weeks on the unit with a preceptor. In addition, the program comprises of quarterly debriefing sessions throughout the first year. These sessions provide opportunities for education, support and professional development. At the end of the first year, there is a formal graduation ceremony for these nurses.

Any new RN accepted into the GEMS program is hired as a full-time employee onto a specific unit. 

To learn more about the GEMS program: 

Stamford Health is committed to preventing the spread of infectious diseases and cares about your health and the health of our employees. To that end, if you are invited to interview in one of our offices/campuses, and you or a member of your family and/or significant other is experiencing symptoms (i.e. fever, coughing or other respiratory symptoms), or you simply don’t feel well, please inform the HR Representative immediately so we may schedule your interview for a later date. 

When arriving on our campus or site whether for an interview or to begin your employment with us, please note it is imperative you abide by CT State Guidelines on Travel Advisory, which can be found here  Please schedule accordingly and update your HR Representative immediately to make any necessary arrangements/adjustments to scheduling.

Program Start Date: March, 2022

Required Skills

GEMS is an extremely competitive residency program. To qualify for participation, candidates must meet all of the below requirements:

  • New graduate RN with less than one year of nursing experience
  • BSN (minimum education requirement)
  • Licensed as a RN in the State of Connecticut prior to the program start date (March, 2022)
  • Passed NCLEX prior to the program start date

If currently employed by Stamford Health, you are required to have completed a Transfer Request Form signed by your current manager. Employees must also be in good standing without any disciplinary actions within the past twelve months prior to program start date.