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Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.



Delivery / Transportation

ID: 403

This job is in the Delivery family (Department), which includes positions the duties of which are to administer, supervise, or perform work involving the planning, directing, or operating of transportation equipment and service, including positions involving responsibility for driving, loading, and coordinating delivery.
Drivers begin their employment at Chatham Steel on a conditional basis. Drivers will receive weekly pay during this initial phase, at a scale commensurate with their experience within the Chatham guidelines. Once employed, each driver must meet the following criteria:
  1. Favorable response to background checks from previous employers/governmental agencies
  2. Demonstrate familiarity with steel
  3. Must pass a road test; conducted by the truck leasing agency or conducted by a senior CDL Driver.
  4. Must favorably complete a period as an assistant to a senior driver when possible. (2 weeks recommended)
  5. The safety committee, (composed of the Transportation Manager, Dispatcher, Division Manager (when appropriate), and the two most senior drivers), will recommend approval based on the following:
    • Backing
    • Tie-down
    • Lifting
    • Throwing Chains
    • Coupling/uncoupling
    • Product identification
    • Paperwork procedures
    • General communications skills (towards customers and fellow employees)
When a driver has completed this conditional period, he begins his duties as a solo driver. This begins a ninety-day probationary period. At the end of this period, the Transportation Manager will evaluate the driver’s performance and may increase the driver’s salary to the next pay tier. A similar evaluation is conducted annually during the MVR Review process. (Typically conducted in August)

Required Experience

  1. Should be at least 25 years of age
  2. Minimum three (3) years of over-the-road driving experience
  3. Pre-employment DOT physical
  4. No more than one (1) serious moving violation in the previous three (3) years
  5. Current CDL in one state only
  6. Familiarity with all DOT rules and regulations
  7. Must be able to read and write
  8. Must pass pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
  9. Must pass a pre-employment background and citizenship check

This position is located at 155 E Landstreet Road, Orlando. View the Google Map in full screen.