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Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.


Tube Cutting (Hautau) Operator

Plant / Warehouse Operations

Plainfield, IN
ID: BPF042422-25


Reports to Plant Operations Management – Responsible for safe and efficient set up and operation of various metal cutting saws to cut materials per work orders.

  • May work independently or as part of a team.
  • Able to speak, understand, and communicate English language to ensure safe and efficient performance of required job tasks.
  • Take direction from Leadperson and/or Supervisory personnel for task assignments.
  • Perform daily safety inspection of required equipment, complete applicable checklist(s), and contact appropriate personnel for repair/replacement when required.
  • Communicate with other workers.
  • Participate in all safety, quality, and job training requirements.
  • Maintain safe and clean work environment.


  • Operate overhead and/or wall walker crane to lift and transport materials. Utilize belt and/or vest secured remote or pendant control to operate crane in a multi-directional manner by pushing buttons and levers.
  • Secure appropriate rigging devices (ie. chains, straps, hooks, magnets, etc.) to materials prior to lifting and transporting with crane, to ensure a safe, secure lift and transport.
  • Walk between staging areas while operating crane controls to transport materials to appropriate areas.
  • Operate material moving equipment (ie. forklift, pallet jack, hand cart, dolly, sideloader, etc.) to transport materials to appropriate areas.
  • Review documentation, visually inspect, and utilize appropriate hand tools to count, measure lengths, diameters, and weights to ensure product conformance with requirements.
  • Utilize computer and peripherals to obtain information, enter data, scan tickets, and print product labels. Complete appropriate documentation.
  • May be required to remove protective coverings from materials.
  • Manually position product on equipment for cutting, or may use prybar for material positioning. Push and/or pull product on and/or off of roller conveyors.
  • Push buttons and controls on saw control panel to program saw for cutting; observe operation of one or more saws simultaneously.
  • May operate small hand and/or power tools (ie. grinder, belt sander, etc.) to remove burrs and rough edges from cut pieces.
  • Label, spray paint, stencil, and apply shipping tags to product.
  • Secure product for shipping with band iron by utilizing manual binder and crimper or pneumatic bander. May use cellophane, cardboard, lumber, bins, boxes, pallets, skids, and/or other containers to package product for shipping.May be required to assemble some packaging and/or crating materials. May operate cutoff saw to cut lumber and/or cardboard to size for packaging.
  • May use shovel to level off shavings in bin under equipment.
  • May use air hose to remove shavings from saw table platform and surrounding area.
  • May utilize hand tools to install/replace various cutting components (i.e., saw blades, cutting bits, drill bits, etc.) and setparameters, blade tension, angle, and cutting speed for specified operation.
  • Lift and roll band iron coils to refill banding cart as needed.
  • Change propane tank on forklift and batteries on sideloader as required.


  • Perform the following job tasks under direction of Supervisory personnel to ensure safety, security, and efficiency within assigned work area:
    • Assist with training, coach, motivate, and monitor activities of assigned personnel; develop and maintain a team-working environment.
    • Direct, assign, and support personnel to ensure adherence to policies, procedures, and the Quality process.
    • Direct assigned warehouse employees to perform activities to meet production, loading, receiving, and maintenance schedules.
    • Requisition materials, supplies, equipment parts, and/or repair services.


Physical Demand Level: Heavy

The physical demands herein are representative of those that must be met by the employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. A Saw Cell Operator works an 8-hour day with one fifteen-minute break and a thirty-minute lunch break. A Saw Cell Operator works in a factory setting that has cement floors, artificial lighting, and temperature control for heat.


Safety checklist, safety equipment, measuring devices, computer and peripherals, crane and all related crane equipment/rigging, flatbed trucks/trailers, material moving/handling equipment, battery charger, wood blocks, prybars, band cutter, air bander and packaging supplies, saw/power saw, small hand/power tools, gloves, hardhat, safety glasses, safety metatarsal steel-toed shoes, long pants, and any other required personal protective equipment (PPE).

Table Definitions:

  • Constant Performing a task 67-100% of the work day in this job title
  • Frequent Performing a task 33-66% of the work day in this job title
  • Occasional Performing a task 5-33% of the work day in this job title
  • Rare Performing a task 1-5% of the of the work day in this job title


  • Carry - Must be able to carry on frequent basis up to 50 lbs., on an occasional basis up to 13 lbs. and on a rare basis up to 70 lbs.
  • Hand Dexterity - Must be able perform hand dexterity tasks on a constant basis up to 20 lb. of force, on a frequent basis up to 40 lb. of force, and on an rare basis up to of 95 lb. force.
  • Lift - Must be able to lift on a frequent basis up to 50 lbs., on an occasional basis up to 16 lbs., and on a rare basis up to 70 lbs.
  • Push/Pull - Must be able to push/pull on a frequent basis up to 75 lbs., on an occasional basis up to 60 lbs., and on a rare basis up to 45 lbs.


  • Bend / Crouch = Rare - Hook/unhook rigging  Frequent - To adjust materials and/or packaging
  • Climb = Rare - Industrial Lift Truck step 10-18"
  • Climb Ladder = Rare - Portable ladder to access equipment for cleaning - 8-10" steps
  • Crawl = Rare - To gain access under equipment tables and/or conveyor lines
  • Drive = Rare - May operate industrial lift trucks

This position is located at 2301 Airwest Boulevard, Plainfield, IN. View the Google Map in full screen.