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Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.


Lead - 2nd Shift

Plant / Warehouse Operations

Cincinnati, OH
ID: BPF042422-23

The Lead is responsible for checking the warehouse for orders on a daily basis. This employee checks the work force for man power in bays and passes out inventory. The Lead is required to move employees to proper work station so orders can be completed timely. The Lead is required to complete paperwork in regards to product loaded in trucks and inventory contained in the Warehouse. The Lead also verifies orders being prepared to ship to ensure accuracy.

  • This is a full time position with a typical work shift of 8 hours.
  • Duties in this position require are performed outdoors one hour daily.

Essential Job Duties

  • 25% The Lead is responsible for going through bays 1-5 and reviewing daily work, including orders, Will Call and freight.
  • 10% The Lead is required to take care of work inventory discrepancies, including verifying stock in Warehouse when it is rechecked.
  • 10% The Lead is responsible for passing out steel inventory to Warehouse workers in bays.
  • 10%The Lead is required to cover for employees who are absent, late or take-off early (hands-on Lead Man).
  • 10% The Lead is responsible for answering questions on orders regarding lengths of cut and piece weight match.
  • 10% The Lead is responsible for loading truck and obtaining empty trailer as well as hooking tractor and going through each bay and documenting what has been loaded.
  • 10% The Lead is required to check stock that comes from customers - look into warehouse for orders.
  • 5% The Lead is required to check floors twice per week for old orders that have not shipped.
  • 5% The Lead is responsible for keeping an eye on material stock to ensure it does not lay in hold area too long.
  • 5%The Lead is required to run a crane with remote control to load and unload trucks, stock.

Non-Essential Job Duties

  • The Lead may be required to answer phone calls.

Physical Aspects

Occasionally: (1-33%) Frequently: (34-66%) Continuously: (67-100%)


  • 0 - 10 lbs    Continuously  Continuously  Continuously
  • 11 - 20 lbs  Continuously  Continuously  Continuously
  • 21 - 50 lbs  Continuously  Continuously  Continuously
  • 51 - 75 lbs  Continuously  Continuously  Occasionally
  • 76 -100 lbs Occasionally   Occasionally   Occasionally
  • 100 + lbs    Occasionally   Occasionally   Occasionally

Task Frequency │ Task Frequency

  • Sitting - Occasionally
  • Climbing - Frequently
  • Standing - Occasionally
  • Balancing - Frequently
  • Walking - Continuously
  • Stooping - Frequently
  • Bending - Continuously
  • Kneeling - Frequently
  • Crouching - Continuously
  • Reaching - Continuously
  • Handling - Continuously
  • Talking - Occasionally
  • Hearing - Continuously
  • Color Vision - Continuously
  • Far Acuity - Continuously
  • Driving - Frequently
  • Peripheral Vision - Continuously
  • Hand/Eye Coordination - Continuously

Job Duties potentially expose worker to the following elements
Occasionally: (1-33%) Frequently: (34-66%) Continuously: (67-100%)

Element / Frequency 

  • INSIDE 90%
  • OUTSIDE 10%
  • Wet/Humid - Occasionally
  • Cold - Occasionally
  • Noise - Frequently
  • Heights- Occasionally
  • Moving Mechanical Machinery - Frequently
  • Extreme Heat - Not present
  • Vibrations - Occasionally
  • Fumes - Occasionally

Tools and Equipment Utilized

  • Crane
  • Calipers
  • Pens, pencils
  • Micrometers
  • Tape measures
  • Clipboards
  • Wire cutters
  • 2-way radio

Protective Equipment Required

  • Hard hat
  • Protective glasses
  • Metatarsal shoes

Materials Handled

Steel, wire, banding, chains, cable, nylon straps, inventory and work order paperwork.


  • Independent Decision Making is required occasionally in conjunction with assigning duties to the work force.
  • Concentration on job duties is Very Important; lack of concentration will result in errors or injury.
  • Working within Precise Limits of Accuracy is necessary.
  • Interaction with General Public is required approximately 1 1/2 hours during a normal work shift.
  • Interaction with Supervisor is required daily in person or by 2-way radio.
  • Interaction with Co-Workers is critical to successfully completing job tasks.
  • Position requires approximately 75% of job duties to be Repetitive.
  • Position requires approximately 25% of job duties to be changed Frequently.
  • This position requires exposure to the outside elements occasionally.
  • Approximately 95% of work shift is spent in performing essential job duties, and 5% of work shift is spent performing non-essential job duties.


Required Skills

Qualification Requirements:

  • Certifications: Quality Control/ -EMJ-L
  • Licenses: None
  • Education: None
  • WPM: Not applicable
  • Other: Need hands-on experience

This position is located at 601 Redna Terrace, Cincinnati, OH. View the Google Map in full screen.