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Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.


HI DEF / Plasma Operator (83-4)

Plant / Warehouse Operations

Nashville, TN
ID: 83-4


Cuts material to meet customer requirements / specifications which are supplied to operator through internal work copies.

Essential Functions

  1. Selects steel:
  • Uses caution to avoid damage to the steel.
  • Uses tape measure and calipers to verify correct size of material.
  • Uses color code to verify composition and/or thickness of material.
  1. Burns steel:
  • Sets up burner for best quality of cut.
  • Sets up burner for best efficiency of material use.
  • Ensures that all cuts are accurate, per customer order.
  1. Returns steel to stock:
  • Marks all drops with heat numbers, other identifying numbers, and color codes to ensure the identity of the steel.
  • Uses caution to avoid damage to the steel.
  1. Performs routine maintenance on burner and associated equipment.
  1. Keeps table and entire area clean.
  1. Ensures needed repairs are made promptly.
  1. Performs all tasks safely; obeys all safety rules.
  1. Performs other duties assigned by foreman as necessary to complete the shift.

Physical Requirements

  • 75%   Standing
  • 25%   Walking
  • 5%     Stooping/Bending
  • 10%   Climbing
  • 20%   Lifting up to 50 lbs.
  • 10%   Carrying up to 50 lbs.
  • 10%   Pushing/Pulling up to 50 lbs.

This position is located at 4040 Jordonia Station Road, Nashville, TN. View the Google Map in full screen.