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Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.


Truck Driver (117-2)

Delivery / Transportation

Louisville, KY
ID: 117-2


Responsible for delivering material to customer locations.  

Essential Functions

  1. Safe operation of tractor pulling flatbed trailer.
  1. Accurately checks to ensure both proper material and proper quantities of material is sent to the truck by warehouse personnel. This is done through the proper use of:
    • Tape Measures
    • Calipers
    • Yard Scales
    • Verification of item descriptions on work copies
  2. Drivers must be able to climb up and down from tractors and onto and off of trailers.
  3. Must be able to lift 50 pounds routinely.
  4. Possess ability to frequently stand, bend, push, squat, and use pry bar in order to position material correctly on trailer.
  5. Must secure all loads (Chains, straps) according to DOT regulations.
  6. Must accurately maintain DOT log book.
  7. Assists in unloading material at customer, if required.

Nonessential Functions

  1. Demonstrates ability and accepts responsibility to perform other duties assigned by supervision.

Physical Requirements

  • 10%    Bending, stooping, squatting:  Unhook chains; guide and position material; count, check and measure material.
  • 80%    Sitting down to drive tractor trailer in warehouse and on company property.  Must be able to occasionally use clutch. 

  • 10%    Walking on uneven surface while trailer is being loaded.
  • 10%    Climbing into and out of truck cab (3 steps) and up and down from flatbed trailer (5-7 step ladder).
  • 5%     Pushing / pulling material weighing 50-100 pounds.
  • 5%     Lifting up to 50 pounds

Other Requirements

  • Must wear required personal protective equipment.


This position is located at 7611 Port Road, Louisville, KY. View the Google Map in full screen.