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Porta Kleen


Hydro-Excavator Operator


Skilled Trades

Job Location

Charleston, West Virginia

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Position Type


Job Function


The Hydro-Vac Operator is responsible for servicing multiple clients with the safe excavation of utilities and other underground obstacles. The operator will do this with the use of a truck mounted Vacuum along with pressurized water. The operator must also operate the truck within DOT regulations and in a safe manner.


Essential Functions


  1. Must be able to operate a class B truck with tanker endorsement.
  2. Operator must have an acceptable driving record.
  3. Operator must be able to communicate and interact with customers.
  4. Know your way around a job site.
  5. Have knowledge of utility markings.
  6. Operator needs to be able to stand for long periods of time.
  7. Operator needs to be able to lift 50lbs
  8. Flexibility in schedule.
  9. A good attitude and willing to adapt.
  10. Operator needs to understand the importance of good customer service and be able to provide.
  11. Have knowledge of simple mechanics.
  12. Must be safety conscious.
  13. Read a tape measure and simple math.

Required Skills



  1. Class A or B CDL with tanker endorsement.
  2. High School diploma or equivalent.
  3. Must be willing to work weekends, evenings, and Holidays as necessary and in a non-traditional setting with limited travel.
  4. Must be able to lift 50 lbs
  5. Must maintain a Medical Card.


Key Behaviors


  1. Communication/Written Communication- Must be able to communicate with customers effectively. Need to be able to fill out billing tickets. Need to communicate any customer needs with the office.
  2. Quality Orientation/Attention to Detail- Accomplishing tasks through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small; showing concern for all aspects of the job; accurately checking your work, processes, and tasks and organizational policy.
  3. Judgment/Problem Solving- Committing an action after developing alternative courses of action that are based on logical assumptions and factual information learned from the customer while talking into consideration Porta Kleen policies and methods.
  4. Persuasiveness/Sales Ability- Must be able to try to upsell a job. Operators are our best source for repeat business. Give the customer the WOW factor.
  5. Initiative- Making active attempts to influence events to achieve goals; self-starting rather than accepting passively; taking action to achieve goals beyond what is required; being proactive.
  6. Adaptability/Flexibility/Tolerance for Stress- Maintaining effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks, responsibilities and people. Maintaining stable performance under pressure and/or opposition (such as time constraints or job ambiguity). Relieving stress in a manner that is acceptable to you, others, and the organization.

Required Experience


This position is located in Charleston, WV. View the Google Map in full screen.