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Porta Kleen


Diesel Mechanic


Skilled Trades

Job Location

8525 North Gilmore, Fairfield, Ohio

Tracking Code


Position Type


  1. This position should be a person who has the total knowledge of most repairs, maintenance, and overhaul of equipment.
  2. This person is capable of working alone and with little or no supervision.



  1. Performs PM Inspections.
  2. Performs Post Trip Inspections.
  3. Repairs and replaces tires, clutches and brakes.
  4. Performs complete engine overhaul.
  5. Completes differential, transmission and driveline overhead.
  6. Repair and replacement of any bolt on item.
  7. Complete inspection and repair of all special equipment.
  8. Major electrical repair.
  9. Performs mentorship/training to lower level mechanics.
  10. Performs other duties as directed.

Required Skills

  1. 2 Years of technical school or on the job experience preferred.
  2. High school education acceptable.
  3. Specific exposure to an equipment or maintenance environment.
  4. Knowledge of basic hand tools for general equipment repair.
  5. Equipment systems experience a plus.
  6. Must have effective oral and written communications effective listening skills, and ability to interact with others.
  7. Professional oral and written interpersonal communication ideal.
  8. 4-5 years of diesel shop experience acceptable.
  9. 5 or more years of diesel shop experience preferred.





This position is located at 8525 North Gilmore, Fairfield, OH. View the Google Map in full screen.