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DevOps Engineer


Information Technology

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Remote, NA,

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Certilytics offers a suite of innovative analytic solutions including Big Data Services, Total Population Health Management, Financial Risk Intelligence and Customized Prediction Models. These solutions are configured upon our open source Hadoop Platform, with the underlying philosophy of providing analytics as a service and moving beyond predictions to deliver actionable intelligence.

 Our team represents a dynamic infusion of multidiscipline which includes actuarial, data and behavioral scientists, IT engineers, software developers, nurse clinicians, as well as experts in public health and the health insurance industry. Certilytics has extensive experience working with a diverse set of customers including large self-insured employers, health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, government programs, care management companies and health systems. These relationships with various data providers and customers allows for rapid data ingestion, validation and enrichment as well as streamlined delivery of analytic dashboards, outputs and visualizations to our customers.

 Our unique approach allows for the development of the most accurate financial, clinical and behavioral models in the industry.

We are looking for the right person to join our team as a Devops Engineer to work in close cooperation with peers and leadership to help build innovative, performant, secure and maintainable software systems.


This Job might be for you if:

  •  You have a passion for the science and the art of software systems development
  • You like creating systems for building and deploying software and infrastructure for multiple platforms including Linux and cloud environments
  • You can solve complex problems with elegant, yet extremely simple software coding solutions
  • You enjoy coding
  • You love to script repetitive tasks!
  • You enjoy helping others become better coders and can define best practices and patterns for the team
  • You have solid knowledge of build, packaging and dependency management tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Gradle, NPM, make, maven, rpm
  • You can help identify and integrate new tools and test automation frameworks into the delivery pipeline
  • You know how to implement and maintain artifact repositories
  • You are interested in working with distributed processing frameworks like Spark, Hadoop, Kubernetes
  • You are language agnostic and selecting the best technology for the problem is more important to you than the language you use – All these look familiar: Java, Python, Scala, Bash
  • You like to think about and participate in the tactical and strategic plans for creating, managing and implementing software and systems
  • You are always looking to learn new and emerging technologies and identifying how they can be applied to improve existing systems
  • You are comfortable in a fast pace environment
  • You understand and value process and procedure but can shift gears to accommodate tight timelines and deliverables


Required Skills

It would be AWESOME if:

  •  You have experience with Azure DevOps, Jenkins or similar technologies.
  • You have experience with cloud infrastructures Amazon AWS, Azure, GCP.
  • You have experience with Kubernetes or Docker.
  • You have managed code repositories dealing with ETL, data warehousing, data processing, machine learning, web application design, BPM or micro service design
  • You had some experience using big data tools like Hadoop –These look familiar: Spark, Oozie, , Tez, Ambari, Hive, Orc and Parquet
  • You have worked in the Healthcare Industry
  • You have worked on data processing and analytics projects
  • You have managed sophisticated cloud architectures
  • You think in terms of products and systems and not just applications and code
  • You have some degrees, certifications or some street-cred on GitHub to back up your incredible skills