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Driver PRN


El Paso
ID: 661-374

Under the supervision of the Transportation Supervisor, the Driver is to safely transport and physically assist Bienvivir/PACE participants to and from the center to home and to medical appointments as dictated by the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)


Safely transport participants and provide door to door service to/and from the center, home, and medical appointments.

/register participants at Specialist Office for medical appointments.

Physically assist and escort frail participants from their residence to the van and back.

Deliver medications and medical supplies to the participant’s home and/or other facilities as required.

Driver will verify the name of the participant, the address and the center of attendance prior to delivery of any medication to participants.

Driver will request a signature from the person receiving the medication. 

Driver will return undelivered medication to the pharmacy and will request a signature from the person receiving the medication.

Ensure that all straps are firmly and securely locked down when participants in wheelchairs are being transported. There should not be any slack in straps.

Drivers are required to carry oxygen tanks in the vehicle and set up a participant with a tank or exchange the empty tank with a full one, then set the liter flow on the regulator.

Take appropriate actions (contact clinic staff) in the event of an incident/accident with a participant or vehicle. 

Provide the Transportation Supervisor with daily delivery logs. Observe and report participants’ changes, or participants who refuse to attend the center or are not ready. 

To ensure participants have all their required Durable Medical Equipment (DME) when boarding/off boarding the vehicle.

Reads Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) notes to see how the participant should board/off board the van, - via main door or via lift.

Conducts daily vehicle inspections to ensure assigned vehicle is safe to operate.

Carry and maintain assigned cellular phone ON at all times during working hours or as required. Cellular phone will not be used while driving. All calls must be answered as promptly as possible without compromising safety.

Must work outside normal working hours in case of a medical emergency and/or late scheduled appointments to include medication deliveries.

Provide on-call coverage after hours, on weekends and holidays as assigned to provide transportation to participants, deliver medications, medical supplies, etc…

Performs other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor, department manager or division chief.

Required Skills

1. Basic understanding and appreciation of the elderly.

2. Ability to accept supervision and have problem solving skills.

3. The skill to work collectively and communicate effectively with staff, participants, and family members.

4. Knowledge of basic computer skills.

Required Experience

1. GED or high school diploma

2. Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age with five years’ experience of continuous driving experience.

3. Must have a VALID Texas driver’s license (Class C)

4. Bilingual capability is required (English/Spanish).

5. Minimum one (1) year experience working with the frail elderly preferred.

6. Must have a current CPR card.

7. Driving record must NOT have any serious violations including:

   a. More than two incidents of moving violations or vehicle accidents within one year

   b. Incident of a suspended or revoked driver’s license within the current year

   c. More than two incidents of “failure to appear” in court within one year 

   d. More than two incidents of “no liability insurance” within one year

   e. No traffic incidents involving driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

   f. More than one (1) at fault accident in the last three (3) years.

   g. Using false or fictitious registration, plates or driver’s license.

   h. Leaving the scene of an accident.

   i. Murder or assault with a motor vehicle.

   j. Theft of a motor vehicle or related incidents.

  k. Reckless driving resulting in bodily injury or death (none in the past five (5) years.

  l. Negligent homicide

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