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Client Services Project Team Coordinator

Customer Service

Monroe, WI
ID: 44423

This position is a lead service role with specific focus on project oversight and management. You will coordinate projects related to In-Store Marketing campaigns, products & related services. The work will mainly consist of projects often of a complex or critical nature and requiring significant troubleshooting efforts. The expectation is to partner with internal & external clients, lead coordination of efforts & ensure projects are completed accurately and on time.


Work is typically performed without daily supervision, receiving minimal guidance from manager/supervisor about the work that needs to be completed.  Able to exercise high level of discretion and latitude in completing task.

  • You will coordinate complex, critical and high profile projects across service & other internal partners to ensure flawless execution.
  • You will mentor & coach Client Service team members in support of project execution & continuous improvement.
  • As the lead service professional on behalf of ISM clients and sales, you may be required to lead conference calls, webinars, & participate in QBR reviews and similar activities.
  • You will engage internal partners and external ISM clients to gather job requirements and translate client requirements into detailed manufacturing, kitting, and distribution (shipping) instructions for disposition of the client’s products.
  • You will be expected to handle complex ISM client work. This includes the ability to understand complex logic associated with building ISM promotions, usually including multiple items to be used for the creation of various kit configurations for wide distribution.
  • You may make suggestions to clients regarding workflow/process improvements to proposed jobs to maximize the benefits to both the client and the company.
  • You will be expected to provide quality reviews on your own projects/assignments as well as for other client care specialists and professionals within the team, to ensure all information is accounted for and accurate before commencement of production.
  • You are responsible for providing all necessary support to sales/client, including but not limited to the following: receive calls, faxes, mail, and email; identify and resolve client problems and issues in a timely manner; provide proof of delivery and order status upon request.
  • You will ensure job instructions are verified and change notices processed (including pricing and quotes) in the various manufacturing systems.
  • You will monitor progress of complex jobs throughout production, confer with manufacturing operations on counts and final runs and ensure the final product meets client requirements and company standards.
  • You will be responsible for calculating the final production run totals and work performed to assemble paperwork for billing purposes.
  • Maintain positive internal and external client relations through active engagement for all stages of the manufacturing process from initial contact through final disposition of the client's product.
  • You may provide pre-sales support with clients and discuss the manufacturing capabilities and requirements needed to produce a successful job.
  • You may determine the supplies and paper needed for jobs including the use of vendors to supply component of the client product.
  • You will lead the Corrective Action process on behalf of sales/client which includes investigative root cause and actionable improvements. You may make recommendations to management on appropriate response to issues that are in the best interest of the client and the company. 
  • You will be responsible for producing and analyzing reports on behalf of clients to manage their inventory.
  • You are expected to manage files in support of the proofing process through production facilities.
  • You will be responsible for coordinating corrections and/or changes that occur during work-in process through written and/or verbal instructions.
  • You will be expected to act as a communication link between clients/sales and all internal departments.
  • You will be expected to lead efforts to provide process documentation, workflows and job aids for internal and external purposes.
  • You may be expected to train and mentor other Client Care positions.
  • Expectations include performing other related duties and participation in special projects as assigned.

Required Skills

HS diploma or equivalent with 5-6 years of relevant administrative/operational support in manufacturing operations or office environment directly related to the duties of the job, OR demonstrated ability to meet the job requirements through a comparable number of years of work experience.  May possess additional education certification in this level.

Requires excellent knowledge of functional area(s) related to the job or good knowledge related to a professional field of work.  Able to consistently apply applicable policies, procedures, regulations, and program objectives when carrying out the duties of the job.  May provide oversight of work conducted by junior level staff and/or review/audit work for accuracy.  Must have advanced knowledge of technology to include computers and software programs such as MS Office or MAC word processing, spreadsheets or other programs specific to the job in order to complete job duties successfully.  Must have excellent oral and written communication skills to communicate effectively across departments when completing assignments.

Must have strong organizational skills with ability to manage deadlines and prioritize workload and make adjustment to meet business needs.

Must be able to work weekends and holidays.



Required Experience

  • HS diploma or equivalent with preferred 4-6 years of relevant administrative/operational/ project support in manufacturing operations or office environment directly related to the duties of the job, OR demonstrated ability to meet the job requirements through a comparable number of years of work experience.
  • You must possess the ability to establish your own priorities - be a self starter.
  • You must have the ability to delegate tasks to other Client Care team members.
  • You must have the ability to follow company policy and understand any rules or regulations governing the work being completed.
  • You must have the ability to understand & interpret ISM strategies related to campaign execution, especially in regards to complex data ingestion & promotion logic.
  • You must have the ability to understand the impact work has on your department or company.
  • In order to complete duties successfully, you must have very good knowledge of technology to include computers and software, especially MS Office, MS Excel, or other programs that may be specific to the job.
  • You must be able to manage daily contact with internal partners and external clients while completing daily work assignments.
  • You must possess very good oral and written communication skills sufficient to explain departmental policy, methods and/or procedures when completing assignments.
  • You must have very good organizational skills that are sufficient to accomplish work by established deadlines; prioritize workloads and make adjustments to meet business needs.
  • The ability to work overtime is a requirement of the position. Weekends and holidays may also be required.


Additional job knowledge, skills, and/or abilities specific to a department may be listed on the staffing requisition.

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