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Security Officer



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Silver Spring, MD

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The Security Officer’s overall responsibility is to oversee physical security for the Bank. . This position defines, develops, and deploys proper security procedures and regular training to all managed locations to ensure the safety of bank personnel, clients, and assets. This position is responsible for the design and implementation of programs to limit the company’s exposure to liability risks and to properly protect intellectual property, physical assets, staff and customers.


ESSENTIAL Job Functions


  • Develop strategies to identify, assess, prevent, protect and mitigate all risks, threats and vulnerabilities to safeguard people, assets, product and property; to maintain continuity of operations and ensure profitability.
  • Serves as the central resource, responsible for promoting consistency in the company’s physical security policies, procedures and practices for protection confidence and compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other compliance requirements.
  • Contracts for, manages, develops or provides performance oversight for all security service providers.
  • Responsible for directing all aspects of Physical Security Program, including: Access Control systems, contract security officers, alarm systems, and camera systems.
  • Serves as principal security advisor to the Company’s leadership team and Board of Directors regarding safety and security of the Company
  • Develops and implements the physical training and awareness programs.
  • Develops and implements security risk assessment program for all facilities to include branches, ATM’s, corporate facility locations.
  • Partners with Corporate Services, Risk Management, Branches, and Banking Oerations, et. al. in identifying potential physical security risks
  • Manages security vendors during installation of security equipment to ensure client standards are met and maintained.
  • Establishes standardized levels of security for company locations and recommends which level should be implemented based on facility requirements.
  • Responsible for periodic physical security assessments of all bank facilities to insure that Bank policies and procedures for the safeguarding of bank assets and information are being followed.
  • Coordinates with Branch Administration for ongoing reviews of internal security controls, staff readiness and dual control responsibilities.
  • Assists in the review and analysis of alerted accounts or transactions to determine potential fraud related to items such as checks processed, kiting, or new accounts.
  • Investigates and, based on established rules, takes action to prevent fraudulent financial transactions to mitigate loss to the Bank and its customers.
  • Prepares and recommends improvements to close security or fraud-related gaps in enterprise operations and processes.
  • Works on security investigations on possible account relationships closure to avoid continued loss.
  • Answers and provides assistance on telephone/email inquiries from the branches and internal departments.
  • Represents the bank in attempted or completed crimes. Serves as liaison with law enforcement officers. Effectively develop and maintain alliances with international, federal, state and local government and law enforcement/information sources and private industrial security.
  • Coordinates appearance in court proceedings.
  • Promptly responds to incidents and threats, gathers intelligence, conducts investigations and initiates follow up on events that put the organization at risk. Follow up with law enforcement and appropriate personnel as needed.
  • Maintains inventory of physical security equipment and maintenance schedule for equipment.

Required Experience

  • Education & Experience:

    • Bachelors’ degree in Criminal Justice, Business Administration, Business Management, or related field, or the equivalent in work experience
    • Ten years in a management-level security or risk-related position within the financial services industry, preferably in the banking sector, required.
    • Five years’experience in a management-level security position (military, police, FBI, Corporate Security, etc.) required.
    • Training and direct experience in fraud/financial crimes investigations, preferably in the financial services sector.
    • Minimum five years demonstrated experience in managing and negotiating security contracts.
    • Minimum five years demonstrated experience in managing security projects
    • Knowledge & Skills:
    • Familiarity with electronic security systems and software applications within the banking and financial services context.
    • Intermediate-level of training in Microsoft Office Tools.



We are an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.