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Intelligence Analytics

Senior Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Operational Support Analyst

Tampa, FL
ID: 459-327

 The contractor shall perform CI, HUMINT, and related support activities and

make recommendations necessary for the Government to task, coordinate, synchronize, manage, and deconflict CI, HUMINT and related operations and activities in the USCENTCOM AOR. Support activities include the following; CI and HUMINT Targeting, OSINT Collection ISO

CI/HUMINT Targeting, CI and HUMINT Analysis and Requirements, Source Management, Asset Validation, CI Support to Operations, CI Support to Force Protection, I2 Functional Management, and FME Functional Management.

Required Skills

  Bachelor or master’s degree or specialized with 6-8 years of military intelligence experience with a focus in CI or HUMINT Intel fields. Preferred training courses: CHOTC, Fundamentals of HUMINT Targeting.  Experience on the following systems preferred: Data Xplorer, RMT, HOT-R, QLIX, Palantir and Proton.