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Intelligence Analytics

Senior Joint Intelligence Linguistic Support

Tampa, FL
ID: 443-327

 The Contractor shall assist with planning, organizing, and executing international high-level

intelligence engagement events in the U.S. and foreign nations for USCENTCOM J2. The

Contractor will provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on this task. This task requires

familiar with the Global-Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System (GTSCMIS).

Required Skills

           Required Skills     Minimum of 10-15 years’ experience in Intelligence Operational Architecture to Support CONPLANS as necessary; ISR Tasking/Processing/Exploitation and Development (TPED); Central Region AOR Operational Architecture; Exercise Observation Reports; Verbal briefings and other written documents. Contractor personnel shall, as required, prepare white papers, brief on special interest areas, serve as panel members on seminars, and support members of Government Think Tanks. Contractor personnel performing this activity shall demonstrate proficiency in at least one the target languages in the AOI (Arabic, Pashtu, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, et. al.) by achieving a minimum Level equivalent of 3+/3+/3+ comprehension and oral proficiency according to the Interagency Language Roundtable (IRL) scale as measured by the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT). Arabic native speaker Level comprehension rating is required for military flag officer translation support.  The specific language will be specified for each position that is required.