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Intelligence Analytics

Targeting Instructor - Senior

Tampa, FL
ID: 432-327

Position Description   

 Intelligence Instructor. The contractor shall collaboratively produce and present

timely, relevant training courses on intelligence topics of interest impacting USCENTCOM

Directorate of Intelligence garrison personnel and CENTCOM AOR. Create, conduct and

document training needs surveys. Research, design and develop training courseware for steady state, crisis/surge environments. Build an annual schedule of course offerings for inclusion in the organization’s overall fiscal year course calendar. Produce trip reports following mobile training team events or other temporary duty assignments, inputs for the weekly activity report (WAR), weekly division staff meeting slides, quarterly and annual History reports, and ad hoc training studies and reports. Manage student course enrollment and completion status, including prerequisites, using the organization’s Learning Management System. Conduct student security clearance checks for non-CENTCOM students, request security clearance passage for non- CENTCOM students, and request security policy exceptions for non-cleared students. Create and update course descriptions for catalog and organization's Learning Management System; and attend and supply training program effort updates at periodic and ad hoc branch meetings. The Contractor shall achieve initial instructor certification and complete annual instructor recertification.  Kinetic Targeting Instructor support. Produces and presents training specifically on kinetic targeting-related areas of collateral damage estimation, battle damage assessment, target

development, and the Modernized Integrated Database.



Required Skills


           Required Skills     Bachelor’s degree and 8 or more years of related experience as a kinetic Targeter specifically working Battle Damage Assessment or Collateral Damage Estimation processes.  Experience on the following systems:  Joint Targeting Toolbox (JTT), Modernized Integrated Database (MIDB), Digital Precision Strike Suite (DPSS) Collateral Damage Estimation (DCiDE)