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Mailing Database Coordinator


Seymour, IN
ID: 47047

Handles all aspects of mail planning and classification of mail.  Includes processing customer mail files, providing documentation to USPS, estimating and planning job-specific mailings.  Provides direction for fulfillment and freight planning.  Provides customer-specific reports to customers, billing and customer service.


  • Act as system administrator for shop floor collection of pressroom production data. Troubleshoot and resolve system issues. Ensure accuracy of data collection and provide reports to management.
  • Input and maintain Finishing production data in Access database.  Troubleshoot processes and resolve data collection issues to ensure accuracy of information for reporting.  Analyze issues to ensure accuracy of information for reporting.  Analyze completed job production data vs. quoted pricing to develop plans to increase division’s profitability.  Review production data and assist in preparation of manufacturing plans to meet production demands consistently.
  • · Support implementation of an access based “Pallet Flag Tracking” system to establish and maintain the Finishing Department inventory by location, version and quantity.  Left over product with quantity and location would be re-entered into the system to establish JIT reporting accessible to the CSR group, accounting and the Finishing Department.
  • · Projects- Reconcile systems and processes to determine the most effective and accurate methods, develop and complete changes to systems. Plus other continuous improvement projects designed to improve the Finishing Departments workflow. 
  • · Sort and separate incoming CD/disks or pull from FTP sight or email and prepare reports for use at imaging lines
  • · Primary job responsibility is to retrieve mail.dat files but may assist in retrieving actual mail address files.
  • · Prepare reports in a uniform fashion, then place tapes and reports in designated area for Imaging Technicians to access.
  • · Open postage permits and track existing permits for expiration and renewal.
  • · Calculate, prepare and request all postage and drop shipment documents required for mailings
  • · Interface with postal service for reporting and verifications.
  • · Maintain accurate and complete customer files on all jobs and also ensure accordance with Optional procedures
  • · Assist CSR/Customer/Mail Coordinator with pre-job information.
  • · Ensure that postage funds are available by working with the Customer Service Representative with sufficient lead time.
  • · Prepare reports as needed including job information reporting to Accounting for revenue tracking, preparing 8125 register, job verifications, CASS report, USPS Qualification report, postage reports, production reports/graphs.
  • · Prepare and maintain drop shipments for customers, print labels and provide fulfillment instructions to Imaging floor from Print CSR.
  • · Work with Imaging CSR to ensure that Imaging Department has the proper documentation, files and information to complete all incoming jobs.  Coordinate Sign Off’s, Samples and copy and distribute Imaging Jobs.
  • · Prepare labels and pallet flags by version for Synapse.
  • · Promote inclusion and diversity by showing respect for all employees
  • · Provide additional administrative support to Mfg. Supervisor/Manager as needed.


RRD is an EEO/AA including Vets and Disabled Employer

Required Skills

  • ·  Advanced knowledge of Word, Excel and Access.
  • ·  Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • ·  Ability to perform basic mathematical computations.
  • ·  Should be familiar with postal documentation and associated paperwork dealing with bulk mail.
  • ·  Experience with mail sortation and postal regulations
  • ·  Must be able to work under stressful conditions
  • ·  Must be able to work overtime with very short notification.
  • ·  Must be self-motivated and be able to accomplish daily tasks with minimal supervision
  • ·  High school diploma or equivalent experience.

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