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Clerical and Administrative

Executive Secretary

St. Louis, MO
ID: 334-327

Clearance: Active TS/SCI Clearance Required


Besides performing general administrative tasks, you shall be responsible for anticipating administrative requirements in order to proactively support office leadership with day-to-day business rhythms that may involve a wide-range of tasks. You are expected to maintain a flexible work-style that adapts to dynamic office tempos and changing priorities.


Required Skills

Required Skills:

  • Proven experience in the secretary profession directly supporting an office environment with senior leadership personnel serving in the grades of SES/DISL or at the Flag Officer level.
  • Strong foundational knowledge and understanding of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC).
  • Strong professionalism with the ability to consistently demonstrate tact and maturity in all situations.
  • Strong interpersonal and/or soft skills, and office etiquette to:
    1. Facilitate professional relationships and support efficient execution of all office administrative requirements; and
    2. Realize a positive customer-oriented service experience by internal/external office personnel, customers, and visitors.
  • Strong teaming and collaboration skills that foster office unity and cohesiveness in support of completing office administrative requirements.
  • Capable of independently handling a large, complex workload, effectively coordinating multiple resources, and multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment having competing priorities.
  • Excellent communication skills both verbally and written with the ability to:
    1. Articulate and exchange information (i.e., requirements, actions, needs, status, etc.) in a professional tone and attitude to achieve efficient business rhythms; and
    2. Produce professionally written emails, letters, documents, and other material that is succinct, coherent, uses proper tone, demonstrates proper grammatical use of the English language, and presents proper format/form per established corporate/office guidance.
  • Exceptional office and work organization skills that facilitates a neat and orderly presentation of the work environment and administrative activities.
  • Understanding of and prior experience in applying office protocol and staffing requirements at the senior leadership level.
  • Strong analytical skills to anticipate and proactively assist leadership personnel and staff with day-to-day business rhythms and administrative support requirements.
  • Able to independently apply mature judgment and initiative to determine approach and action to take in both routine and non-routine administrative situations.
  • Creative and innovative techniques for performing administrative responsibilities that enhances office workflow processes and business rhythms.
  • Interpret and adapt guidelines with minimal assistance, including unwritten policies, precedents and practices that are not always completely applicable to a changing situation
  • Strong working knowledge of office information technology (IT) equipment (e.g., copiers, scanners, facsimile machines, computer workstations, phones, teleconference/video teleconference equipment) with the ability to independently operate such equipment in completing administrative tasks.
  • Strong working knowledge of MS Office software applications (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook: Mail, Calendar, and File Functions) with the ability to independently use these applications to efficiently complete office administrative tasks.
  • Proven self-starter with the ability to independently and accurately complete all assigned administrative work requirements.
  • Strong typing skills with the ability to type at a minimum of 45 words per minute (wpm).

Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge of Military and administrative support requirements at the Flag Officers as an executive officer or staff officer.
  • Proficient working knowledge of the following corporate applications:
    1. PeopleSoft
    2. Defense Travel System (DTS) with knowledge of the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR)
    3. NCERTS
    4. SharePoint
  • Process improvement planning and implementation.
  • Establishing and managing office spend plans for travel, supplies and awards.
  • Administratively supporting the planning, coordination and execution of visits, events, luncheons, and other office functions as required.
  • Prior experience with presentation techniques and building briefing slides.
  • Working knowledge of Access database.
  • Experienced in setting up and maintaining office-filing systems (hardcopy and softcopy) using specified format and structure.
  • Ability to schedule, coordinate, set-up, and operate Video Teleconference (VTC) equipment; and this include teleconferences.

Required Experience

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor's Degree in General Business Administration or a related degree from an accredited University/College; Minimum 8 years of secretary experience with a minimum of 2 years experience in a senior level office
  • OR Associate's Degree in General Business Administration or a related degree from an accredited University/College; Minimum 10 years of secretary experience with a minimum of 4 years experience in a senior level office
  • OR High School Diploma with Vocational/Military Training Certificate in Office Management, Secretary Services, or related field; Minimum 14 years of secretary experience with a minimum of 6 years experience in a senior level office


  • Active TS/SCI clearance required