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Help Desk Technician

Technology and Computer-related

Washington, DC
ID: 411-327

Role Description

As a Help Desk Technician, you will help enable our customers to work efficiently using Palantir products by providing them support including:

  • Responding promptly to requests for support, escalating appropriately
  • Building a history of support trends for the Palantir team to prioritize
  • Cultivating relationships with 'power users' with a focus on User Enablement
  • Working alongside Help Desk Technicians from other customer programs, building rapport and insight into user support processes to relay back to the product engineering team and other FSRs that embed for exercise support

Core Responsibilities include:

  • Gathering necessary information and responding to customer inquiries over email/through JIRA
  • Recreating and diagnosing of issues reported by the client
  • Triaging, tracking, and correctly routing support requests across the Palantir team
  • Collaborating with Palantir engineering and product teams to resolve problems and find solutions
  • Coordinating and managing customer contact for product and user issues across a global user base
  • User Enablement - new users ramping up on the Palantir Gotham product

Required Skills

Key Skills:

  • A passion for customer support and enablement will be key to success
  • Responsiveness, effective prioritization strategies
  • Ability to work within an agile Palantir team
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organization and attention to detail
  • Use of task ticketing and tracking systems
  • Ability to quickly ramp up on Palantir Gotham and deployment specific workflows
  • Skillful customer engagement on complex, sensitive topics

What we value/strong bonuses:

  • Experience in the military intelligence community/ with government information technology. Specifically Army is preferred, but any military experience is helpful.
  • Knowledge of or curiosity about intelligence report preparation
  • Experience supporting Palantir products or other data integration technologies