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Bindery Assistant / Cutting


Smyrna, TN
ID: 48209

RRD Courier Printing in Smyrna, TN is searching for Bindery Assistants for the Cutting Department.  This position will assist Bindery Operators by setting up and maintaining bindery cutting equipment in a commercial print operation.  Position will also interpret job orders for this equipment, as well as monitor equipment during operations to ensure tolerances are being maintained.  Make adjustments as necessary.  Perform daily maintenance duties such as cleaning machinery to remove paper dust and lint, check pumps and other operating parts for proper lubrication, and lubricate equipment as needed.


RRD is an EEO/AA including Vets and Disabled Employer

Required Skills

General knowledge to set up and maintain a variety of single function, hand and foot automated bindery machines, such as staplers, punches, drills and binding-glue devices.  Under the direction of the operator, apply working knowledge assist in the set-up of more complicated binding machinery.  Ability to make machine adjustments for differences in paper size or thickness, hole or margin distances, paper folds or other work requirements or material characteristics.  Knowledge of basic arithmetic and fractions.  Ability to apply such knowledge while accurately locating materials on machine surfaces.  Skill in using hand tools (i.e. rulers, screwdrivers, wrenches) to make machine adjustments.  Ability to set up, arrange, and hand collate as well as to fan, jog and stack various sizes of paper neatly.


Required Experience

Experience as a production helper or assistant in a commercial bindery operation in strongly preferred

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