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Bilingual Coordinator, Student Services - High School Programs


Longmont, CO
ID: 1202730

 Front Range Community College

Bilingual Student Services Coordinator, High School Programs - Boulder County Campus


 Who We Are

We are the largest community college in Colorado, enrolling close to 28,000 credit students annually. We were one of 30 colleges in the initial American Association of Community Colleges Pathways Project, recently selected as a “Most Promising Place to Work” in Diverse Magazine, and profiled as one of six top community colleges for transfer student success in a recent Aspen Institute publication. We have developed a strong strategic plan focused on improving student graduation and transfer rates and have made significant investments in advising and other student support programs.  

We also have a strong commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity. We are actively seeking to hire a workforce that matches our student community.   

We are guided by the philosophy “One College, Many Communities.” Campuses share many common values, goals, and practices, but are also given the opportunity and flexibility to develop unique cultures and programs that serve individual communities. In addition, we have a clear vision outlined in its strategic plan.  For more information, visit the following: and VISION 2020

Who You Are

As the Student Services Coordinator, High School Programs you will support FRCC's student affairs operations at local high schools who partner with FRCC through our various high school programs (Campus Select & High School Select Concurrent Enrollment, P-TECH, Early College High School, and ASCENT.) Ensuring smooth day-to-day operation of the programs with strong focus on student support and retention. You will develop and deliver information sessions; and establish an ongoing presence at local high schools to help students with the application process, testing, advising, and participate in registration sessions. You will serve as the primary point of contact for high school students and parents.

FRCC's mission is to enrich lives through learning and. As the Student Services Coordinator, High School Programs, you will help to establish robust, inclusive support systems and reduce barriers for students as they work towards the completion of their educational and career goals. 

 SELECTION PROCESS:  Position will remain open until filled with a priority deadline of September 15, 2020.  

In your application please include a resume and cover letter that specifically addresses how your background and experience align with requirements, qualification and responsibilities of the Student Services Coordinator - High School Programs.  

SALARY: Low 40’s Annually 


Lead the development and implementation of programs to foster strong partner relationships with high school counselors and administrators, including:

  • Deliver information presentations for students and parents regarding High School Programs opportunities;
  • Create and distribute information to keep high school counselors and administrative staff informed about FRCC student affairs processes;
  • Develop and deliver orientation programs for new students at FRCC campus to inform students and parents about High School Programs and the admissions and registration processes.

Act as liaison between FRCC and high school partners, including: 

  • Serve as a resource to local high schools regarding High School Programs and general FRCC information;
  • Work with high schools and school districts to ensure consistent information is provided regarding approved High School Programs students and courses.
  • Address and troubleshoot issues that surface, while meeting the needs of students, high school partners and

Act as liaison between FRCC and high school students, parents, high school partners and FRCC faculty & instructors, to:

  • Assist students with class registration at FRCC and high school sites;
  • Academically advise students to assist with course selection; plan courses based on ICAP and post-secondary plans and career and academic community pathways; Meet with underage students to evaluate enrollment needs and appropriateness of course selections;
  • Support initiatives for enrolled students (i.e. – tutoring off site, Early Alert, promotion of campus resources, appeals, etc.);
  • Recruit students to High School Programs with a focus on students from underrepresented populations.
  • Lead development of retention initiatives for High School Programs students to continue at FRCC after graduation, in collaboration with Admissions & Outreach staff and Pathways Advisors. 

Lead the development and implementation of administrative systems to ensure smooth operation of the student affairs processes within High School Programs, including: 

  • Creating material associated with high school programs;
  • Create metrics to track student persistence and retention data;
  • Develop practices to ensure completion of all required paperwork and completion of registration process for qualified students, including for the College Opportunity Fund (COF);
  • Develop procedures to ensure Concurrent Enrollment student records are properly prepared and maintained, including concurrent enrollment student/parent agreements;
  • Work with Registrar and Institutional Research to correct any errors on student account associated with coding in the Banner computer system, and to collect data pertinent to the High School Programs program;
  • Coordinate third-party billing arrangements with schools and FRCC's Financial Services;
  • Work with Registrar regarding College Opportunity Fund and residency issues for Concurrent Enrollment students.

Work closely with High School Programs Director and other department and College staff to stay up-to-date on College processes and instructional related information. 

  • Work closely with FRCC staff and instructional department to stay up-to-date on course offerings, faculty, contracts, and issues that may develop in the classroom.
  • Collaborate with college-wide High School Programs/College Now staff regarding procedures and best practices to ensure student success.
  • Develop and deliver training to new Coordinators, and create ongoing professional development programs for the team to stay abreast of current best practices.

Lead efforts to ensure the development of consistent messaging regarding High School Programs in both English and Spanish for both students and parents. 

  • Communicate in English and Spanish with students and parents about opportunities in high school programs;
  • Organize and conduct parent and student information sessions in English and in Spanish;
  • Inform schools, students and parents about student affairs processes;
  • Assist students with class registration at Front Range Community College and/or high school sites;
  • Academically advise students with course selection; plan courses based on ICAP and post-secondary plans and career and academic community pathways.

Required Skills


  • Bilingual: Professional level proficiency to read, write and speak English and Spanish in order to serve as a positive cultural broker with the Spanish speaking community.
  • College registration process: Provide information to high school staff, students and parents regarding registration process at FRCC.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills: Provide daily communications, both written and verbal, to high school staff, students and parents, as well as FRCC staff and faculty regarding High School Programs. Create and deliver presentations in varying formats to high school students and parents and community partners.
  • Critical Thinking: Understand legislation and cooperative agreements related to Concurrent Enrollment, P-Tech, ASCENT and Early College High School programs; Create processes to ensure local high school partners, students and parents, and community partners understand the High School Programs at FRCC. Create metrics and data tracking processes to help FRCC staff to analyze information regarding the High School Programs. 
  • Advanced organizational Skills: Ensure timely development of material and presentations for community and high school partners.
  • Relationship Building: Establish a presence at local high schools, ensuring timely assistance to staff, students and parents; build relationships with community partners.
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity: Ensure communications and presentations created are both inclusive and equitable for all audiences.

Required Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree; and three (3) years’ experience in the field of higher education in a community college setting, to include: Two (2) years’ experience in concurrent enrollment programs.
  • Ability to read, write, and speak bilingual English/Spanish
  • Ability to multi-task and manage a large caseload, both administratively and interpersonally
  • Experience working with diverse populations and cultures.
  • Experience planning and organizing events.  


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Psychology, Sociology or related field


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